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Improve Your Workout With A Personal Trainer

Take advantage of the largest, most equipped gym in Mooresville!

Personal Training

We have highly trained professionals that can help you schedule and execute an effective training program based on your goals. We will meet with you and run an assesment on your current body, weight and bmi before delving into a fully customized training program.

Introducing Our NEW 

Fuel Fitness Training Program! 

Session 1: 4-Point Fitness Inspection

  • Knowledge: Exercise form, equipment, programming, mobility and injury prevention, nutrition.
  • Safety: Any current or past conditions, injuries, or areas of pain. We can help overcome these! 
  • Proper Movement: Muscle imbalances, mobility and stabilization. This is all about corrective exercise. We assess and fix imbalances to take tension off of injuries or areas of pain, reduce the risk of injury, and increase overall performance. 
  • Behavior: Your exercise habits, eating habits, lifestyle obstacles, motivations. We take a behavioral approach to helping people overcome obstacles and reach their wellness goals. 

Session 2: Trainer Experience Session

One of our personal trainers will take you through a workout specifically designed for you based on the information you provided in the first session. This session is designed to show how a workout specifically designed for you by a professional trainer can accelerate and ensure their long-lasting results. 

Schedule your appointment today by calling 704-664-4022 

I love the staff here and the equipment is top notch. I feel at home and it’s never over crowded.

– Gracey V.

I recently joined and I love the building space and equipment. Definitely one of the nicest gyms in the area.

– James L.

I’ve been working with a trainer for a few months and I love the results. Looking forward to the next few months!

– Connor S.